Friday, August 21, 2009

>Haiku Schmiku

Just a quick hello:

Baby's heart did beat.
Hearing that sound made me melt.
Can't wait to meet you.

Okay so that was my attempted at a Haiku and well, it will have to do. The appointment went well. Found out I have some weird cells down there that are not alarming nor are they normal. Doc said to ignore it unless I start feeling otherwise. No bacteria or blood, so that was good news. I think my pelvis is expanding because my low back is giving me HELL right now. OMG. Sciatic down the leg and a dull ache all the way across my back. Sitting and Tylenol are the only things helping. Doc said that was also very normal and just one of those little "joys" that women can do. A joy? Are you serious? Yes, it is awesome that God has created me to birth babies, but seriously?? I could not help but laugh in disbelief. Oh Joy!

B and I are going on a date tonight! He does not know it yet, but we are going to see Inglorious Bastards. It's going to be messy, but I am actually looking forward to seeing it.

Happy Friday and Weekend!

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