Thursday, August 6, 2009

>A New Perspective

So remember about a week go when I talked about how I am trying to be more of a Godly woman and wife?? Well, to be totally honest, not too much has come out of my behaviors and whatnot, but I did discover something just now as I was sitting here listening to Sara Groves.

I am a spiritual person, that I knew. I am also a loving, caring person who seeks the Lord's love and forgiveness. This I also know. What just dawned on me was that I feel the Spirit most when listening to songs, and not necessarily worship songs, but songs about love, Christ, marriage, and life that have deep, meaningful lyrics. Take this beautiful words in Sara Groves' song You Are the Sun:

I am the moon with no light of my own
Still you have made me to shine
And as I glow in this cold dark night
I know I canĂ­t be a light unless I turn my face to you

Those words speak straight through my heart, through every nerve in my body and down to my toes to the point of feeling so joyful that I might tear up or start to feel anxious by how overwhelmed the Lord is making me feel, in a good way of course!

There are a few worship songs that do that to me as well, but not the same way. Heard of Foolish Things? They were a local Denver band that did get signed to a major Christian label (which is why there is a chance you've heard of them). I became good friends with the guys in the band and the last album they put out before "retiring" to focus on their growing families had some incredible lyrics! Take these lines from Who Can Compare:

you drew the lines where the sea would meet the shore
the sky would meet the floor
(who can compare?)
you showed the sun just when to pass the time tonight
and when to come back bright
who can compare?
needer of nothing, giver of all
every living thing survives
by the strength your boundless love supplies
and lord of power beyond compare
the universe, it's in your hands
eternity is where you stand

Seriously?? This words are just so true that I get chills every time I hear it. There was a point where I would play the song over and over in my car and literally cry and pray and thank Jesus for everything.

So I am not feeling as faulty as I thought I was. We all have different ways of becoming close to Jesus and this just happens to be my language, if you will.

I hope I have inspired some of you to check out the music I have presented here. If you are anything like me, you will devour what these artist have to offer.

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