Monday, August 31, 2009

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Since summer is nearly over (it was only 75 today!), I have been thinking about doing a new background. The picture of the horse is of an old mare. I took it a few winters ago and have always been in love with her beauty. Every year she returns to this field near my parents house in October and stays until April. She spends her in between months up in Estas Park. Isn't she beautiful?


Today I had to call my insurance company and corporate offices to get the dirt on my maternity leave. First off, they don't call it maternity leave-it's called "Family Leave". Secondly, I had been hearing all these weird rumors at work that I needed to have settled once and for all. Turns out rumors are exactly that: rumors. No truth to anything I had been hearing, which is a HUGE relief. I found out I get a lovely 12 WEEKS of Family Leave! How amazing is that?! Three whole months with my babe and hubby and it starts the baby is born, not the day I leave work. Thank you Jesus! I had been worried that my leave would start, well, when I left. But it doesn't! Turns out the lovely company I work for values family and bonding time. She even said the word "bonding" on the phone. I was grinning ear to ear and can't wait to meet our munchkin! We are so blessed.

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