Wednesday, August 5, 2009

>Bday Recap

A HUGE HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who sent in birthday wishes. You ALL rock! I had such a nice day. It was great. Once B came home with food, we headed down to the picnic area to eat, drink and chat.

These hot fellas you see here are not swinging the other way, just showing off their hot stuff. These guys, minus B in the middle, are in an AWESOME band called The Northern Way and you should go check them out. They are incredible and such great friends that they made it to my party.

Me and my mommy.

After tons of food, everyone but my family headed out. You know how guys in bands are...busy! So I opened a few presents and the album I am holding here is from my grandparents. It's pictures of when I was a baby and into my teens. So cute! I love it!

This is the Willow Tree called "Cherish" and it is a pregnant woman holding her belly. I am in LOVE with this! I nearly cried. It's from my parents and they also got us some baseball tickets and some tickets to a play. Can't wait!

B opening our anniversary gift, the play tickets. 1 whole year is on Saturday! I can't believe it!

Us. B has defiantly had a few drinks here!

This is a frame for an ultrasound pic that B got me for my birthday. I love it! And he also gave me some beautiful earings for our anniversary.

Overall, the day was just lovely! First time in years I did not cry on my birthday!

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