Monday, August 3, 2009

>14 Weeks!!

I can't believe I am already 14 weeks! And my 25th birthday is tomorrow! This summer has gone by sooooo fast! While I think pictures make my belly look nice and round, I don't think or feel like it is that big right now. This past week was great. No nausea. No issues with food, other than having a few cravings. I have been feeling slight flutters here and there which has been awesome! Only a few more weeks and those flutters will turn into kicks and I will just be beside myself with glee! Lol, that sounds so lame but it's true. Today I weighed myself and am not gaining enough weight. No, I did not come up with this on my own. I was at a doc's office and need to fatten up so lots of milk, cheese, meat and peanuts.

Over the weekend I headed to Denver to see my MIL and best friends. We had nice BBQ Sunday night. I was so happy to see my bestie and BIL and SIL. It was just the night I needed. Earlier that day my MIL took me to a fabric store and I picked out a paisley print for a body pillow I wanted to make. See the awesome results below!

J (my bestie) gave me a yoga matt. I start my prenatal yoga class on the 12th and told her that was what I needed. That is how we are. When holidays and birthdays come up, if you ask for it, you get it. That easy. Unlike my parents who beat around the bush with what to get us, trying to throw us off, and get us either what we asked for or something different. No big deal, but with J and I, there are no surprises and while I love a good surprise now and then, I love that we don't need to have that all the time.

Here is the crazy-huge body pillow I made. Not quite what I had envisioned in my head, but I am very happy with the results. So comfy! And how cute is that print??! We made an insert for the stuffing so that if I needed to wash the outside I could take it off. There is a zipper at the top, which is the only thing my MIL helped me with. First time using a sewing machine since 6th grade!!

My MIL spoiled the hell out of me. She gave me this gently used front Snugli pack for baby. TOO CUTE! She also got me a beautiful rocker that I still have in my car and will post pics of once it is in a good spot. I hope everyone had a great weekend! Tomorrow I will have to work but afterward I am having a BBQ here with some fam and friends for my birthday. Pretty low key. But HELLO 25!!!

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