Monday, August 17, 2009

>Plays and Music

PLEASE check out my side bar. I have created a poll to see what you're all thinking Baby Mac's sex is. I personally am convinced we have a boy on our hands (or in my belly). But what do I know? There were a few weeks in there where I was super convinced it was a girl. Why? I was babysitting a lot for baby boys and the myth is that if you hold a baby boy and he is content, without actually needing something (like to eat, sleep..whatever) then you're having a girl. If the baby cries and fusses then you are having a boy. Same thing works with a girl. Another thing was the first time we heard the heartbeat it was high, around 160BPM. So then the doc said it can/will get a little slower as baby grows. But how much truth is there to that?? Why do I think it's a boy? Well, have you seen how LOW my belly is? I had no morning sickness, and have very few cravings. Now you make up your mind. Go vote! You only have 4 weeks!

A photo update:

On Thursday night we enjoyed a date night to a playhouse dinner theater to see The Wizard of Oz! It was so amazing! Our seats were perfect, the costumes, acting, and set were perfect eye candy. I could not pull away, even though after 2 hours I was super tired.

Sunday we went to a town fest and saw our favorite band, Northern Way perform. They were great, as always.

I felt a thump last night that had me twitching because it tickled. I think baby was letting me know how much it enjoyed the awesome music. This was baby's 2nd concert and we already have plans to go see Hanson in November. I am sure there will be a few shows between now and then.
Have a great Monday and don't forget to vote!

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