Wednesday, August 12, 2009

>I Can See the Inside of My Belly Button

It's true people: my former cave-like belly button actually has an end to it that I can now see. So actual proof things are moving right along down there, no pun intended. ;0)

I have been a little down this week. I keep worrying that something is wrong, when I know in m heart everything is just fine. My mind is playing tricks on me. It is so hard going 4 weeks without hearing anything and since I am not yet at that stage where I can feel movement and learn when baby is sleeping and playing, I have no idea what's going on in there. I hate not knowing. I almost wish all pregnancies were textbook so that anything out of the ordinary would be easily predictable and my mind can be at peace. I know that my body would tell me if something is wrong, which it obviously is not. It has just been hard going so long without hearing that beautiful heartbeat. I go in next wednesday and know everything will be perfect. So tell me, have you mommy's out there felt like this before? Being a new mommy is so stressful! There is so much going on and I am trying to eat SO much more right now. I did manage to gain a pound and a half last week which is great. I want nothing more than for my baby to be healthy and for me to do whatever I can to ensure that happens. I know anything else is out of my heads and in His and while that is His plan, it is so hard to trust.
Okay, just needed to vent a little.

Here is my 15 week pic you've all been waiting for. We are going out with some friends tonight and I thought I would dress up a bit.

Oh and did you notice I got my hair cut? I mean, I got bangs?? I LOVE far anyway. It has only been 3 hours...

This is what my Monday looked like. The dogs and I camped out in the bedroom with the computer and tv and just relaxed. It took me two days to get all the laundry done and camping stuff put away and now, we have a decently clean house.

Oh and while we were camping, I invented a word. I told Bestie that I did not come "cashly" prepared. If you could see my screen right now, there is red under that word. I decided it was a great adverb and I will use it more often. YAY!

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