Monday, May 18, 2009


>This is so NOT my shameless attempt to get all of you to FOLLOW me on Twitter.
This is NOT a formal "Not Me! Monday", although I wish it was but I am too tired and lazy this morning to make it a real one.
I did NOT spend an hour last night finding all my favorite celebrities on Twitter, which is definitely NOT what is contributing to said laziness.
I did NOT start a tift with B last night about the dishes and trash, only to go and do it myself this morning.


Okay so for real here. I went to the memorial service for Lisa on Saturday. It was a beautiful service, laughing and crying from seeing old pictures and family members speak. I saw people that I had not seen since high school. The whole day was very nostalgic.

I went into work early on Saturday after the service and had a great meeting with my boss. She has something very awesome in the works for me and when I know more, you will know more. Lets just say it will include a raise, no longer wearing a uniform, and a lot more fun! I can't wait!!

Sunday I worked. I took the dogs over to this new pond down the street from where we live (for now) and they had a great time! They swam and played. It was a beautiful day! Then we headed over to my parents house for the Survivor finale and I am Oh SOOOOO happy that JT won!

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