Monday, May 11, 2009

>Not Me! Monday, and Other News as of Late


1. In no way, shape or form have I (we) been allowing the dogs to come into bed with us. The puppy dog faces they make when the rest their heads on the edge of the bed does not make us weak in the knees, nor does it make us give into this very bad habit. Not. One. Bit.

2. I am so not letting the house turn to crap as we are down to three weeks before our big move. The dishes are not sitting around, food pasted to the insides, and beer bottles layered here and there.

3. It did not take us all week to finally take our trash out this morning, only because Tulo pooped three times in the house without telling us he needed to go out.

4. I am sure that I did not spend 10 hours this week trying to catch up on all the shows I missed, not only last week, but this past week as well. I did not camp out in bed (not with the dogs!), watching one or two shows at a time while eating in said bed. Nope, Not Me!

5. I do not have just one box packed for moving and that one box is so not our garage sale box. I do not have empty boxes laying against the walls in hopes to being filled soon and I have not thought about filling said boxes numerous times and then decided I didn't have to do it now. Nope, Not Me!

6. I did NOT have a dream about posting this post on my charming kids and then not being able to because there were too many and mr. linky did not like me. Haha, no way.

7. I did not tell our family about how badly b sleep walks over mother's day lunch and they did not laugh out loud, even after b asked me to keep that on the DL. Not Me!

8. I am so not kicking myself in the ass for allowing myself to say such a thing in front of family regarding something that is sensitive to my dear husband. I would never let myself stoop that low to the point of pure and utter dismay in myself that I am secretly making it up to him in ways he is a) enjoying and b)has no idea it is due to this slip us (he was not present). Please God! Not me, again!


This weeks edition. I don't know about you guys, but I am so glad NMM is back! I missed it while MakMuffin was sick and in the hospital. And the best part? I was so happy to see that he went home while B and I were in Cabo! PTL!!

HUGE PRAYER REQUEST: Prayer is such a powerful thing that I am amazed by each and every day. Like Stellan's Name Gallery?? That thing is incredible, showing how many people all over the world are praying for that little guy. INCREDIBLE!!
A little background: My very first boyfriend and kiss EVER was with this guy named Devin. We were 15 when we first met and I knew him from our church youth group. We started off just as friends and I quickly got to know his family, as they were all very active in our church. I learned early on that his mother had died when he was 10 from ovarian cancer. His dad had since remarried a woman that Devin and his brother really were not fond of at all. But I liked her. Her name was Lisa and, while the boys talked poorly behind her back, she was always kind and loving toward them and their friends (including me). A weird twist to this story is that Lisa is my uncle's cousin and so when we started to become friends, we learned all about this and it just blew our minds how small this world can be sometimes.
Saturday, May 9th, Lisa died from leukemia. She died the day before Mother's Day. I had no idea that she was even sick, as Devin and I have lost touch since high school. I was floored and can't stop thinking about it. My family told me yesterday and I am shocked. 
This is one of those times were I am seriously looking God in the eye saying, "Really? Two wives with cancer that die? That you take from this great man with two great sons? Really???"
I don't get it. I know being with God is the best place to be and she is no longer in pain and hurting. But it's like getting struck by lightening twice-in the same spot! I love my Savior and know that there is a reason for everything. I am just so sad for Devin's dad, and them as well, but his dad lost two wives to cancer in 10 years time. Oh. get it.
So please, say some prayers for this family.

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