Tuesday, May 26, 2009

>Anxious Anxiety

>I have been so anxious the last two weeks I can't even think straight, I feel lazy at times, get bursts of energy at times, and then, as I saw this weekend, succumb to this unhealthy thinking and become sick. Not because of the anxiety, but because in all those anxious thoughts, I forgot to sanitize my hands regularly, stop touching my eyes, nose, mouth, and face and wa-la: I get a 24 hour pukey bug.

My anxiety got sick. Is that even possible? This month has been BEYOND insane. In the nine and a half months that B and I have been married, we have not had a busier, more stressful and exciting month. A quick recap:

1) We came back from Cabo on May 4th. I was loopy from dehydration and traveling for a few days, but was able to do all the laundry and unpacking within a few days of our return.

2) B made his first two appointments with Aflac prospects and we should be seeing something lovely and green from that soon.

3) We finalized our move out date for May 30th--that means only three more nights in this place! AMEN!

4) There are always money issues, but we knew this month would be super tight and with lots of prayer and keeping a tight grip on our wallets we were/are able to be getting by just fine.

5) We had the garage sale this past weekend AND I was sick, but the few days before hand I had to gather and organize all of the things we knew we wanted to sell and pack up.

6) We had a nice dinner with my parents last night as we watched the Nuggets destroy the Lakers. That was aweee-summm!

7) I made my first international student placement on Friday and that was a huge blessing!

See...I told you. My poor stomach is a wreck. While the anxiety is mostly out of excitement, there are the stressors or preparation and general things that are just wearing me down. I hope and pray that after this move, things will settle down and the sunlight we will be enjoying will perk me up.

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