Friday, May 29, 2009

>Moving Prep

>WOW!! We are FINALLY Moving!! I can't believe that tonight will be our last night in this hole-in-the-ground!! Most everything is packed. I just finished packing all bathroom items and deep cleaning it. So gross! I am a clean freak when it comes to the bathroom but have been pretty lazy about it this month because of the move. The kitchen is about half way done. I packed a bunch of that stuff a few weeks ago that I knew we would not need until after the move and have found that I am a) out of newspaper and b) out of boxes. So I will be keeping my eye out for this stuff at the store for free, of course!

My brother took our entertainment center yesterday and most everything in the common areas is ready to go. The only area pretty much untouched? Our bedroom. Figures. We use it so much I was worried to pack anything we might need so I have left it until the last minute. When I get home from work I hope to pack most of that stuff later tonight.

That news you have been waiting for??'re going to have to keep waiting!! Sorry, I know that is cruel but really, it will be worth it when it's time...

Have a great weekend. It is possible that it might be a week before I will post again as our internet will not be hooked up until Thursday. Until then, enjoy the start of summer! It has been just beautiful here!!

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