Saturday, May 16, 2009

Crazy Week!

WOW! This week went by so fast. I can't believe it has already been 2 weeks since we left Cabo.

This week at work was crazy for me. My GM was fired on Monday, on the spot, without any warning. This, of course, was a major blow to all the residents and employees. She was a great GM and will be deeply missed. However, I hope and pray that the change that is coming will be exactly what we need. We are a new building with lots of flaws to work on and hopefully this will be the thing that needed to happen.

In other news, we received our beautiful wedding album. It is our wedding gift from my parents and we could not be happier! It is just beautiful and all the pictures and the layouts turned out perfect! We hope to be able to show this to as many of you as we can in the near future.

Brendan's job is going great! He was able to set a few appointments this week with some businesses in town, which will hopefully take on Aflac and make us some money!!

We are moving in T-2 weeks! We can't wait to get our heads out of the ground and into the sunshine and I know our dogs feel the same way. I have started to pack and will be having a garage sale next weekend with Patty to get rid of some things before we move. The sad part about all this is that the house is a disaster right now. I have not picked up a vacuum since before we left for Cabo and I don't intend to until we move. What is the point? I will pack and clean as I go along and that should help the entire process once it comes to the big day.

Today, we attended a memorial service for a family friend of mine from church. Lisa was the mother of three step children and two boys of her own when she left this earth the day before Mother's Day, succuming to Leukemia. The service was beautiful and I was able to see some people that I had not seen since high school.

Also, I had a meeting with my manager today, as she had asked me to meet with her a few days ago so that she could "run some ideas past me". I was so excited and could not wait to hear what she had to say. When we met, she started out by asking me what my goal(s) is here at the retirement community. I told her that I have always wanted to be involved with the activities department, as I have loved seeing the things that they do for our residents and would also love that kind of interaction with the residents. She said, "That is awesome and sounds like we are on the same wave length here." She then went on to tell me that I have been doing a great job at the desk and that she never has to worry when I am here. That was such a nice compliment, I almost cried! Then she told me that there might be some changes coming soon to the activities department and wanted my go-ahead for her to discuss some ideas she has with those folks. Those ideas being, me joining the team! This is not final, nor is it guarenteed. But it is great to know she sees potential in me and wants to help me nurture my accets and creativity. More to come on this later...and soon, I hope!

That is all for now! I hope everyone is having a great weekend!


Sarah and Brendan

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