Friday, May 8, 2009

>Landlord from Hell

>We have the worst landlord. I would not wish her on my worst enemy. Can you beat that? This is no competition, but I want to hear your best stories about how terrible your current or past landlords are/were.

B and I are great tenants, and I am not saying that just to get an ego high. We rarely complain, if there is an issue, we report it right away and do not badger her if she is not here right away, we pay our rent on time, and we have properly submitted our notice to vacate the property this month.

She and her husband are unbelievable. We reported a faulty light switch back in September and when another one went out in our bedroom in January, neither were fixed until Easter Day. And then they had the nerve to tell us we never reported the first switch not working, while completely disregarding the fact that it took them almost four months to fix the one in our room!! WFT?! In January, I also reported that a burner on our stove does not work and the handle in our shower is broken, neither of which have been fixed. The burner is not a big deal, just an inconvenience. The shower handle, however, is a risk. It's metal and has sharp edges, which I have explained to the landlord, and I am just glad I have not hurt myself yet.
Wanna know the kicker?? We live in the basement of a single family home. There is a great lady that lives upstairs that B and I are very fond of and think of as a surrigant mother at times. Our heat is shared, mail is shared, laundry is shared, and all little (or big...) sounds, bumps, bangs, that either us or the animals make, is shared. Yes, we have our own kitchen which is nice. The kicker: the house is not zoned for multiple tenants (as in a duplex) and in our state, that is wayyyy past illegal. All we need to do is call the post office and let them know what is going on here and they will call the city and all other necessary people to make sure that our landlords are fined heavily for trying to pull off this skeem. Obviously, it has worked, which is one of the many reasons we are leaving. And no, we are not going to call the city to let them know. We already know that the city is on their asses about the place. Everything is falling apart and now they are running around trying to bring certain things we have told them about over the last year that needed to be repaired or replaced up to code so that the city won't take the house from them. It is so effing crazy!! We can't wait to get out of there!!
Oh, but wait, it gets better. Back in April, the day before they came to fix the light switches, we gave them notice that we would be moving out on May 16th. This was verbal notice and I followed up our conversation with written notice. This gave them 35 days of verbal notice and 30 days of written notice of our departure. These people are now saying that would be in violation of our lease (we are no longer on our lease, it's a veral month to month...) and that we would need to pay for all of May, unless they rent the place when we move out. This, in turn, has not only just pissed the hell out of us, but also caused us to move our move out date to the end of May, so as to not cause any legal issues or to lose money. I hate that she wins. I hate it! She is a liar and a slumlord. GRRR!!!
K, now your turn.

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