Sunday, May 24, 2009

>so sorry

>'This sucks.

Twitter was not really my thing. My poor phone was freaking out with all the updates I had sent to it (so I eliminated some of those) and still just did not find much interest in it. I do think it is funny to hear Spenser Pratt say "Praise Jesus!" I hope he is being genuine. My husband will not get it, which kinda sucks and NONE of my real life friends had it either. I loved seeing all your updates, but for me in general ( and especially after the misunderstanding on Friday) I just don't feel that I should have Twitter. There are so many instances that could come up that could be questionable or something of the like. I just don't and CAN'T handle the stress of it. I hope you can be understanding of that.


This weekend:

Friday night we got into Denver late. We only got a few hours of sleep as we had to get up early for the garage sale. However, I woke up at 4am puking my brains out. And it did not stop until sometime late yesterday. I hope it was just a 24 hour bug as today I have not gotten sick, but I have had waves of nausea come and go depending on what I eat. I have been very picky as to what I have been eating as nothing has really sounded very good to me at all. Friday night at work I was not feeling well and the drive down was very uncomfortable so I could tell something was wrong.

I tried to hang out at the garage sale but I had to leave I was so sick. I don't even know how I let B talk me into going over there. He was also feeling terrible, however he did not actually get sick. It was not until that evening that I started to feel a little better and all day today I have felt just off.

It sucks. But we did manage to make over 100 dolllars in the sale and that was great.

I am going to bed. Exausted and still not feeling so hot. Have a great day off tomorrow, for most of you, I hope.

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