Monday, May 4, 2009

>I'm Back!!!

>WOW!! What an incredible vacation!! You will have to wait another day or two for me to get pics and an update up of our week. Here is a super quick recap of things to look forward to in more detail. I hope you are all having a great week and I will be catching up on all your posts as fast as I can! I missed this little world and all your little on-goings.

Trip recap:

1. I HATE papaya. Eew. 
2. I forgot two very important things: a razor (hello sexy legs!) and my sunglasses. oops
3. We were both stung by jellyfish on Friday within minutes (seconds, really) of each other.
4. Happy hour is the best time of day! (3-4pm)
5. I don't burn. Having Cherokee in my blood is quite the blessing. Poor B, Irish boy, burned like eggs on cement. 
6. Not a fan of snorkeling.
7. LOVE ocean kayaking.
8. Mexican food in Mexico really is the best.
9. AF arrived on day uno and was outa town by day cuatro. gracias!
10. 8 days is a reaaaaalllllyyyyyy long time to be away from home. Really, I would have been great with 5, but that is not to say I didn't enjoy every day. It was wonderful.

More to come manana! (funny how quickly the 5 years of spanish i took kicked back into gear).

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