Wednesday, May 13, 2009

>The One Where B Flings Poo

>I wish I was joking.

Nearly every evening, B and I take our dogs over to a school with a huge, fenced field to let them run and play. Tulo is a greyhound, yes, but Butte can keep up with him pretty darn well. It is so fun to watch and the weather had been "so choice", as Ferris would have said. It was beautiful! 

We were getting ready to leave. The dogs were tired and we wanted to get to the drive in before our movie started. As we headed back, Tulo started to do that awkward crouch he does when it's time for number two. He is our only fur-baby that does this anywhere other than his own yard. Butte is very particular about this. Anyway, Tulo did his business and B picked it up with a bag we had on hand.

He ties it off.

Goes in for a swing.

And tosses the bag.

In the past, I have asked B not to do this. It is just plane disgusting to see poo fly and splat. But for some reason, he finds great entertainment in doing this.

Last night, though, there is a slight hole in the bag and as B tosses it (like one of those fox tails you play 500 with) the poo flies....out...of...the...bag. The bag is still in B's hands! And we watch, as time slows down, the poo sails a good 20 feet high and over 60 feet away from us. 

We are in a fit of laughter, as we cannot believe what just happened. I just thanked my lucky stars that a) no one saw us, b) I was not under the sailing poo, and b) that neither of the dogs where under the poo.

We continued to laugh as we rounded up the dogs and headed back to the car. The poo sailed so far, that it was not until we reached the blacktop that we started to see remnants of Tulo. It was so nasty! We started to look for the big blob that we could see when the poo was flung and as we approached the school building, we could not see it. But B noticed all this poo splattered at the base of the building wall. I looked up and just one foot from the roof was the big blob, plastered to non other than an elementary school building.

We seriously, could not stop laughing. It was the craziest thing we had ever seen happen and we booked it out of there to the drive in.

I think we will stay away from the school for awhile. And no, B is not a gorilla. He just likes throwing poo!

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