Friday, November 21, 2008

>bad wife moment: #1

>...because I am sure there will be more.

So I got tickets to the midnight show of Twilight a few weeks ago and had asked B to go with me. He said yes, but did not show any other form of interest in the movie. In fact, he would make fun of me and the characters when I would watch the trailer (everyday!) and so I thought that if I found someone else to go with me, he would not be upset, relieved actually. So I asked a friend at work and she said yes. I went home and told B and he was SURPRISINGLY bummed! He wants to see Twilight (what??!!). Even though he had been making fun of it, he was all hyped up to see this "superhero chick love story movie". I felt guilty and quickly took back my invite to my friend (sorry Dani!). She was, of course, okay with it and we went to the movie last night. Poor guy, B has a bad sore throat and fever and he still wanted to stick it out. We did not get home until 3am and I will soon be off to Denver to see J and the movie again! Go Team Edward!

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