Sunday, November 23, 2008

>Life List: Inspired by my Closest Cousin

>So H, my closest cousin, posted a list somewhere else in cyber world and has inspired me to do the same. To start, I want to show you what what on the list when I was in high school. I made one and thought it is not in front of me now, I can remember key goals and aspirations.

List Made at age 15:

1. Get married. (big day was 8/8/08 and H was in my wedding, of course.)
2. Have children/become a mother.
3. Be a stay at home mom, if at all possible.
4. Graduate from high school. (May 2002)
5. Go to college and graduate. (Two colleges, two degrees, two dates: May 2005 and August 2007. AA in Business Admin and BA in English)
6. Meet Hanson. (well...I could have met them a few weeks ago at the concert, but it was satisfying enough to see them again in a very intimate venue. read: awesome!)
7. Meet Freddy Prince Jr. (not an aspiration anymore at all...I have met Frankie Munez and the entire cast of Malcolm in the Middle. cool enough.)
8. Travel overseas: England, Australia, South Africa, Argentina (I have been to England and the Isle of Man)
...These are the things I can remember.

Here are more to add along with the things yet to accomplish:

*Own my own home and furnish it the way I want without worrying about cost.
*Pamper myself at least once a month (something we can budget for)
*Live life like my dogs: carefree, loyal, unconditional love and a playful spirit.
*Maintain a healthy lifestyle: exercises regularly, healthy eating habits, practice doing things that make me genuinely happy.
*Grow spiritually with B and our family.

I will add more later, of course. Enjoy!

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