Saturday, November 8, 2008

>guilty pleasure, here i come...i hope

>so i did what i normally never do when it comes to concerts-i waited until the last minute and actually got lucky. a friend of mine had to leave town and gave me her one ticket to the hanson concert tonight. wonderful, right? here is the problem: a) i don't want to go alone so i have asked my mother in law to come with, b) the concert is sold out (who the eff knew that would happen....???), and c) we may not go if we can't find a ticket to scalp. here is the thing: i was not that excited to go to the show until i got the call yesterday about the free ticket and now that i have the opportunity, i am super excited and now super worried that we won't be able to find another ticket. i am not going to make mom wait for me and i am not going alone (hello! colfax is not a place to be alone!). ticket gods, if you're there, please bless us with the opportunity to go! thanks!!

history lesson
i have been a hanson fan for 11 years now. how long have you been a fan of something?
i used to buy every magazine with pictures of them in it and plaster them on my wall (next to JTT of course).
i saw hanson last at red rocks 10 years ago...i would say it is about time i graced them with my presance again.
taylor was always my favorite. his voice is so....ahhh-good.
i never bought their latest cd, but i still know all the songs.
i have a box that b might burn with i am not home that has all my hanson memorbelia in it.
i love to play hanson songs on my guitar because they are easy to learn.
my mom wants "with you in your dreams" to be played at her funeral someday.
hanson is doing amazing work in africa and no one is recognizing it...damn brangelina!
they are a guilty pleasure and i am now proud to admit that i am a hanson fan.

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