Tuesday, November 11, 2008

>opposites attract

>b and i have opposite schedules. 
on days i work at night, he works during the day, and when i work during the day, he is off and works at night. there are only a few days, maybe 2, that we get to sit down and have dinner together, go on a date, or take the dogs to the dog park. it sucks. when i have to work the next day at 8am, i usually go to bed by 11 and b is usually not ready to go to bed then. i want to stay up with him but i also want some sleep. nights like tonight, b worked the eagles game and is on his home now (it is 10:38pm) and i don't have to work until 3 tomorrow so we can spend some time together tonight. i just hope he can find a job soon that will work with my schedule so we can be home and together at the same time. it works for now because that means the dogs don't get left alone for very long at all which is really good. i just can't help but be a little selfish.

i love him more than my mind can fathom. it surprises me so much every time i look at b and see him smile and fall ten times more in love with him and who knew it was possible? i am so lucky and i thank God everyday for him. he is my best friend and i could not be happier.

there is your "newlywed" blog. pretty mushy, i know.

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