Thursday, November 6, 2008

>we are cran-apple juice

b likes cranberry juice
i like apple juice
mixed together, we are cran-apple and it was on sale at the store today.
b is at the store right now getting eggs so that we can make my late grandma boots a birthday cake. 
she would have bee 81 and it has been one year since her passing.
that is right, she passed the day after her birthday.
(happy birthday grandma!)
this week has been hard and happy at the same time. 
i miss her so much, but i see her in so many people.
people she didn't even ever know.
but that is the way she was.
i have meatloaf in the oven and used the last egg.
that is why b is at the store.
i didn't want to ask ar for another egg.
actually 3 eggs.
b is so wonderful that he is spending this evening with me instead of watching the broncos game.
(we don't have cable)
that, in my opinion, is true love.

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