Wednesday, November 5, 2008

>i am so not a runner

>B and I have tried, for the 4th time, to go running. I think our ambitions are just a little much right now. I can go about a quarter of a mile before I need to stop and walk. That is when my chest starts to burn and breathing is painful. I am hoping all that just means I need to run more to work up that physical stamina I am clearly lacking. My fear, though, is that I am not supposed to be a runner. What if it is activity-induced asthma?? It freaks me out a little, but B and I are going to try a routine for a month and see how it goes. If all fails, I might go to the doc and see what's up and then resort to other forms of exercise I actually enjoy doing: biking, lifting, ab workouts and dancing.
The first days of November have been quite promising. It seems that B and I are getting out of that financial rut that poked at our sides. Our comfort level is upping and it is making for great date nights (Tuesdays!) and more flexible shopping trips. We were able to have an great Halloween party that was perfect in size and people. The remainder of this blog will consist of pictures, since it has been so long since I posted any. Enjoy!

beautiful day at the dog park

butte the bumblebee and tulo as the bad spiderman

bella the vampire love her joker

date night at cafe vino!


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