Wednesday, November 5, 2008

>a series of FORTUNATE events

>Monday (two days ago..): date night was moved to Monday due to the Election. We went to Bisetti's and it was awesome! Then we had coffee and walked around in the nippish air. I hope it snows soon!
Tuesday: Election day started off weird. My favorite radio station had some serious interference from another station. Then the fitness room at work flooded and THEN a resident's room flooded. awesome. When I got off work, B picked me up and we went to my parents for taco bar and election night. Obama? Really? Humm...okay.
Wednesday: tried to run, will work in a few hours and come home to go straight to bed.
Thursday: work all day and enjoy dinner with the hubs.
Friday: meeting before work, work, then sleepies.
Saturday: head to denver to visit the mom in law. maybe go see hanson...
Sunday: work and then relax!!

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