Monday, November 12, 2012

one more week

One more week...and I will be in my second trimester with this baby bean.

One more week...and I will be on a hot date with my husband to a hockey game.

One more week...and then I might start feeling less tired and staying up past 9pm.

One more week...until I can get a real massage again.

One more week...of Logan waking up at 5am and I might loose all my marbles.

One more week...closer to Thanksgiving, my most favorite holiday.

One more week...of class and then I get a week off!

One more week...and I might need to upgrade to my black maternity pants on a regular basis.

One more week...and Logan and I will be back at the new children's museum. I'll be sure to take my camera this time!

One more week. Hang in there.

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