Wednesday, December 31, 2008

>just a quickie

>we went to Loveland Basin yesterday to try out B's new board. it was a beautiful day, quite windy, and we have red cheeks and chins to prove it. B also has a nice bruise on his hip after flipping twice over his board. i wish i could tell you an awesome story of how it happened, like that he was doing a trick and missed his landing. but no, he was us just crusin' and those damn snow snakes snuck up and bit him. he is doing okay, very sore, and ready to get his drink on. i, however, feel like the toilet and i may be getting better aquatinted. while nothing has happened yet, i feel so pukey, it sucks. OF ALL DAYS!! it is new years eve and i should be curling my hair and retouching my make up. no, no such thing happening here. i am camped out on the couch with Lifetime and can't eat anything. lovely.

Happy New Years!!

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