Saturday, December 6, 2008

>credit check

>MONEY is so annoying. we need it to get the things we need and we want it to have the things we want. so, here is what we have done. b and i have been thinking for a few weeks now what we should do for Christmas. should we get separate gifts for one another or go in together on something we both want? we decided on a joint gift. ---drumroll please---- we got a new TV: Samsung HD 1080 flat screen. it is a beauty! did we need it? no, but....maybe. since i have a bit of debt, my credit is not great. b has great credit because he has never had any debt. together, our credit is still not super, but not bad either. so we are financing the TV so that we can build our credit and put a down payment on a house in a year or two. we are very excited about what the long term effects could be. pray for us!

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