Monday, December 29, 2008


>It seems that we are always preparing for something:

*family visits
*doctor appointments
*a day on the mountain (my FAV!)
*relaxing (this requires careful planning)
*Christ's Birthday (always a fun one)
*Cabo trip in April
*Moving in June
*Maybe baby in July?? hummm...get back to you on that one.

So now, we are only a few days away from heading to NM to see my brother in law marry the woman of his dreams (and my new favorite sister in law!!). There is so much to plan for! I did all the laundry today so that most everything would be clean for packing. My mother in law blessed us with a hotel room for the first night we are there. We are making our New Years Eve plans around the time that we need to leave on New Years Day, which is early, so our night before can't be too late. Oh well...all I wanna do is kiss my hubs for the first time on New Years AS husband and wife!! This year is going to be great...I just know it.

**Christmas pics coming soon...

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