Monday, December 15, 2008

>talented eyes, hands and ears

>I don't really have "talents". There are a few things, less than a handful, that I can confidently say I am good at:

Playing guitar: I started when I was 15 taking weekly lessons. My instructor knew Classic Guitar and taught me how to play arpeggios. I still, to this day, cannot read music. But I can read tabs and know cords well enough to think of a song I like, find it on Ultimate Guitar, and play along to the song the first time around. The one thing my instructor never taught me was how to strum to a correct rhythm. It was not until I was in college and met some amazing friends who were willing to teach me Dashboard songs that I learned to strum correctly and eventually, sing along as well. Mind you, my singing sucks.

Taking pictures: I don't have any formal instruction in photography but I must admit: I have taken some damn good photos. It makes me wish my family had a nice, digital camera when I was in high school for senior pictures. We could have saved hundreds of dollars having those pictures taken. Here is one of my proudest pictures I took this year:
I know this is not the greatest picture taken and it is simple, but that is why I love it so much.

And my last little talent: crocheting. I started crocheting my freshman year in college and learned how to make blankets, hats and scarves. I made an adorable hat and scarf set for my friend Niqi's little girl, Auna. I made my mom a blanket, my cousin Heidi's first son a blankie, my friend Ash's son a blankie, and numerous hats and scarves for others. I am working on a baby blanket for my friend Kathleen who is due in February and I hope it is done in time! Once I am finished with that blanket, I will start one for my dad. Pictures will be up soon.

What are your talents?

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