Thursday, December 4, 2008


>Noteworthy events:

1. Thanksgiving day: Ruthie (our almost step-mother-in-law) celebrated, not only her birthday, but an OFFICIAL engagement that NO ONE knew about and we were all shocked and happy and i teared a little. I even got the video!

2. Ruthie and pops-in-law have a new sweetie pie, Sophie!

3. DU Hockey game. It snowed! And my camera was being awesome:

4. Kyle and Martha's Engagement party was on Saturday night and it was great!! Stoli-Dolies are awesome!

5. Wednesday it snowed up here and the dogs love it! Their friend Jake came over to play and they got super muddy. It was well worth their all-day naps. 

6. MORE snow today and I love it! Keep it coming!

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