Tuesday, December 23, 2008

>"I've been caught stealing, once when I was five..."

>Since my last post, I have started to title my posts with song lyrics. I would love for you to try to guess the title and artist of the song, but they are quite difficult unless you google the entire lyric. Go ahead and try, and on the next post I will tell you the details of the previous title. Last title: Placebo's "This Picture".

On Thursday night, B's dad called and asked if we wanted to go to the Bronco's game. We were both thrilled by the idea, as it would be my first NFL game ever. I was only slightly worried about the cold and more worried about not having fun. Neither were necessary. I should have been worried about whether or not we would actually have tickets. You see, B's dad's friend had two tickets that she got from a season ticket holder that was not going to be using them. So on Friday, Dad left town and stopped the mail. His friend left the tickets in the mail box for us to pick up. When we arrived at noon on Sunday to retrieve our awesome prize, there were no tickets to be found. We called Dad and his friend only to find voicemails and no answers. We drove around the neighborhood and did something illegal (I think) by looking in every mail box on the block. Nothing. After 30 minutes and calls from Dad that the mailman probably stole them, we resolved to go to Mom's and wallow in our disappointment. We were so ready to go. I had two pairs of socks on, Hot Chilis (long undies), sweats, snow pants, tank, thermal shirt, hoodie and coat. I did not even bring a pair of jeans with me! We were so bummed.

On our way to Mom's, Dad's friend called us and was soooo sorry and had put them in there Friday and noticed they were gone Saturday and just figured we had picked them up. After we were home for a little while and 15 minutes away from the first kick off, we ordered pizza and took shots of jager. Then the friend called us again and asked if we still wanted to go-duh! Of course! She had called the stadium and told them what happened. We just had to provide the last name of the season ticket holder, ID's and we were good to go. We raced over to the light rail and dash down town. We were sitting in our awesome seats about 5 minutes before half time and were able to enjoy the entire second half. The game itself was not that great (we lost) but being there and seeing the fans dancing around to stay warm was surreal. 

After the game we jumped back on the light rail and went to pick up my Grammy so we could do our Christmas gift exchange together. It was so fun! Mom made meat loaf, potatoes and a salad. We had wine and enjoyed ourselves.

Monday we just hung out with Mom and headed back to my parents house to see more family and have more Christmas celebrations. My mom made an awesome Christmas ham dinner that was sooooo yummy! My brother was off his rocker. He had no filter whatsoever with young little ears around. One example: DIA experienced a default in one of their Continental planes when it did not crash, but just could not make it off the ground and veered off the runway causing a fire. Well, my cousins had been on a Continental plane only hours before and he started talking about a "plane crash" and "don't ever fly Continental" and I thought they were going to have heart attacks at the young age of nine. Not cool...we had to curb the  conversation and make it sound like he was joking and thankfully, their young minds took it. I hope that whatever was going on with him last night, he has fully recovered from and feels some sense of guilt for his behavior.

That is all for now. I hope everyone has an awesome Christmas Holiday!!

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