Saturday, December 6, 2008


when someone asks me what my greatest strength is, i tell that person: loyalty. i am so loyal, it might even be a fault at times, but i am not going to talk about that. i am going to talk about my favorite girlfriends and why i love them so much.

shorty j is one of the coolest people you could ever meet. she is the best person to call more than twice a week and only have a few things to talk about and no matter how small or big, she cares about it. she will do anything once, even if she has no idea what she's doing. like being my maid of honor. i have never even been a maid of honor so we both did what books and magazines told us and things turned out better than i could have even imagined. she also has one of the coolest jobs ever that i get to benefit from quit often...thanks! here are some of my favorite moments with her that only she will understand...

1. "We're following the leader..."
2. "It's nailed to the ground!"
3. Music videos in the am.
4. Gilmore Girls and Joan of Arcadia--thank you for your awesome VCR!
5. We are the best hair-dying-from-a-box chicks--ever!
6. "You can't fake awesome" with the crazy hand motion down the body--i have tried to do this and i just can't.
7. Our totally unofficial, unscheduled, un-everything book club.
8. "He is soooo high!"
9. Getting through the lose of grandparents together.
10. Shots, shots and more shots.
11. Taking Lauren Graham to my wedding in a dream=me jealous at my own wedding.
12. You 16 weeks preggers in a dream--i really just can't get over how funny that was!
**There is so much more...
Love you J!!
Ash is another super awesome chick who has taught me how to be more wild and crazy. She is an incredible wife and mother and I want to be just that. She is also an amazing teacher and has superior English skills. I told her today that she and B should have a grammar-off. They learned phonics when they were kids (I did not...) because that is where I suck. But hey, at least I have a degree. Today she also told me that she read a book, which she is mailing to me (thank you, whore! ;)), that totally reminded her of yours truly. I was driving at the time but I felt like running all the way to GJ just to hug her I miss her so much. It was so nice to know that she was thinking of me all week because of this one book. Once I read it, I will fill you all in on how cool I am. lol...just kidding. Anyway, here is her list.
1. We invented Dr. Blows on the night I decided not to study for a math test and instead became so wasted off this new concoction, jumped in the hot tub in our undies, and peed in the yard becuase she FLUSHED HER PHONE DOWN THE TOILET!
2. "Oh my Gosh! I just realized I forgot to bring a change of panties! Oh well." That was when I told myself we would be great friends.
3. "Hey look! It's the epididymis, I mean, epidermis."
4. Boomer Sooner!
5. Ash makes the BEST buttery nipples EVER!
6. Team Edward!
7. Team Jacob!
8. "Suck for a Buck", Ashkon and his hottie undies (that shorty j ended up with!), and the penis shot glass, of course.
9. Spending the night together when Case was gone so neither of us were scared.
**And manyyyyy more.
Love you, Ash!!
You are my favorite girlfriends and I will forever be loyal to both of you. Thank you for the great times and laughs!

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