Wednesday, December 24, 2008

>"Let's frolick and Play, the Eskimo way!"

>WOW! B and I have been married for almost 5 months and now we are just 10 days away from his brother's wedding! I will be blessed with an INCREDIBLE sister-in-law who has felt like family since day one. We are just hours away from beginning the festivities as newlyweds for the first time and boy are we having fun! I got some nice stocking stuffers for B that I still need to wrap and am picking some things up in a little while to compete our gift-giving. Our big present for one another was our TV that is saaaweeeet! But even thought we both said we would keep other smaller gifts under $20 total, that is so not happening. My giving heart just needs to give more and thankfully my bank account is agreeing with me! One thing I am totally missing is snow. It is super cold and sunny but there is no snow for us unless we beline up to the mountains. There is some snow around that has stuck, but nothing nice enough to play in or enjoy. Last year on Christmas morning, B and I were in Denver with his mom and it was snowing like crazy! We had 8''+ by 2pm and we were out there shoveling snow for 2 hours. The dogs loved it.

Here is what I have bought for B:
A new Schick Quatro Razor with blades
Tommy 20 Foam Dart Blaster (yes, this is a Nerf Gun
Tool Lateralice (sp???)

We shall see if something else comes up.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

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