Saturday, August 17, 2013

What's in a plan?

I am type-what-ever-is-not-A....anyone ever wonder what you are if you're not considered Type A? Well that's me. Type...B? Something like that. I am not a planner; I'm spontaneous. I am not well organized; I clean when the urge strikes. I make lists BUT then I never touch them again. So the way I look at "plans" is that they are more like goals. I "planned" on being married with two kids by the time I was 30 and I sure as heck met those goals. I planned to own a house someday and now we do. I plan to write more...and I will. So this plan to become a midwife is really going against the grain of my urge to just go with the flow. Sure, that's a good thing, I'm just not the best planner and this plan of mine, while the goal is and will always be the same, it keeps changing. I was planning on being in nursing school by January, but that is not happening. Maybe by next summer but quite possibly not until January 2015. Am I okay with that? I have to be. I'm not a college kid anymore. I have a million other reasons to take it slow, my family and work being two of those big reasons. So the plan is to be flexible, patient, and to keep on in that general direction.

I seriously cannot wait to be wearing scrubs everyday, tossing my hair up in a loose pony tail, snapping on the blue gloves and catching a baby!


  1. As someone who is definitely Type A, I find making plans around career life the most challenging. While I would LOVE to go back to school to be a midwife, I know that with small kids, it's just not practical. One of my student midwives with Kale had two very small children (I think 1 & 3) and said the only way her family could make it work was the fact that her husband was a stay at home parent. She also took 1-year maternity leave with both kids, meaning her four years of schooling became 6. I've taken her experience and the logic behind it all to heart and know that if I want to be a midwife, it will have to be a second career that happens years and years down the road.

    Lucky for you, you're gaining lots of amazing experience in your current position!

  2. I love your visual at the end, tossing the hair up and snapping on the gloves. :) I think flexibility is an indispensable characteristic for a'll do just fine! I feel like these things fall into place as they should (for the most part) so hopefully the timing of nursing school will fit well into the puzzle of your life. If it helps at all, of the ten in my graduating class four had kids, all had more than one, and one had a baby during our first semester! All had working husbands and a few were still working themselves throughout midwifery school. Where there's a will there's a way and you'll be great!


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