Tuesday, August 6, 2013

SPECIAL!! {evelyn's armoire} and 11 Weeks Old!

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Oh my goodness! Evelyn is 11 weeks old and as of today, this is my last week home!! I am happy and sad. Bittersweet. I love being a working mom. It's hard, but so rewarding. I love the example I'm setting for my kids and the fulfillment I get from being out in the community, building my character and identity, growing and learning. I stopped by the hospital today to say hi. I have to have some intense 4 day training next week for a new system that launched while I was away. I'm kind of glad that I get to slowly work my way back into the swing of things. I ran into the children's minister from our church and she (Yes, SHE) was so delighted to see us! She is new to our church and has had some amazing messages so far for the kids. I told her I was coming back to work and starting school all within the next two weeks and she said that was amazing. I know it is, but hearing that encouragement from another working mom is huge. I also know that what I'm doing is a little crazy but it's now or never and honestly, I love school. I love learning and I love the opportunities that will be there for me once I have my RN. YAY

Today is the last day of World Breastfeeding Week so Evie and I stopped by our breastfeeding support group and we had a little party. I weighed and nursed her. She is 10.5 pounds now!! I was worried the last few days that my supply was tanking but it turns out that my over-supply is now regulating and she is going through a growth spurt. The 5oz I pumped last night is proof that we are still golden.

Evie has been sleeping in her crib for just over a week now. After a few days of sleepless nights (paci runs and loneliness), I began to give her a gentle, quiet bath, a little massage and lots of nursing a cuddles before bed. Then I swaddle her up, pop the paci in and start her white noise and she puts herself to sleep. I have to say, I have been so blessed with kids who sleep well! Baring a growth spurt or sickness, Evie has been sleeping 7ish hours. The last few nights she has been up more, but I could care less. More cuddles.

And here are some Eviegrams for your Tuesday afternoon:

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