Friday, August 16, 2013


  • This weekend there is a huge music festival in town. Tonight is Ben Harper!
  • Some of you have asked; I cannot donate my milk because I take medication other than vitamins.
  • I need to figure out how to cut one of my pumping sessions out of my day. No clue how that's going to happen.
  • Officially done with training on the new system, now I just need to apply it to really get it.
  • I burnt my finger last night with pizza sauce! Youchies!
  • B has a new job! Not sure if I have mentioned that yet but it has been going really well so far. YAY!
  • I just read my medical record for Evie's birth because I really wanted to know exactly how fast I had gone at the end there:
    • Sunday May 19th: 1055pm: 3cm, 70%
    • Monday May 20th:
      • 0330am: 4.5cm
      • 0755am: 6cm, water broken
      • 1120am: 6cm, 70%
      • 1:35pm: 6cm, pit started
      • 450pm: 7cm, 80%, begging for epi
      • 518pm: 8cm
      • 5:37pm: 10cm, crowning
      • 5:39pm: birth!
      • 3 minutes of delayed cord clamping
      • 5:43pm: placenta delivered via Schultze presentation
  • NOW that is cool! So I was in labor for a total of 20 hours, stuck at 6cm for 9 hours, Evie born in 2 minutes, 3 pushes. WOWOWOWOWOW!! So awesome.

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