Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My Must-Haves {baby #2}

This post is a long time coming. Here is a list with links to the best things I found most useful during this 2nd pregnancy and the first three months of Evelyn's life. In the comments, leave you must have items.


  • Pregnancy Support Belt: I purchased this sometime around the 20 week mark. My back and hips were already causing trouble. I never tried it with my first pregnancy. I did no find it very helpful until I was further along, around 28 weeks or so and then I wore it every day!
  • Prenatal Swim Class: This is the greatest thing for pregnancy that NO ONE is talking about! I know I talked about it while I was going, but it seriously was so nice to walk into the water, feel weightless, take a dip in the hot tub for a few minutes to relax...just lovely.

  • My own gown: I bought a large, summer night gown at Target that was short and easy to take off. It was SO comfortable while laboring around the hospital for what really was several hours. I have helped man patients into the hospital gowns an seriously, they are so uncomfortable. They're too big, too scratchy and just not ideal for giving birth. Speaking of, this even came off when it was time to deliver.
0-3 Months:
  • Aden & Anais blankets. I seriously love these things and I wish I'd bought them sooner! Evie loves them, as I wrote a few days ago.
  • Consignment stores: I have bought most of Evie's clothes from ARC or Once Upon A Child and have been really happy with the quality. She goes through a few outfits a day and now that we are heading into the fall season I was able to gather a lovely stash of pants for next to nothing.
  • Medela Pump: The pump and I have a love hate relationship. I had to use it almost exclusively for the first two weeks due to terrible engorgement. That created a lovely stash in the freezer (which I just donated!). And now that I am working full time again, I NEED a good, trusty pump.
  • Coffee Maker: I have a super cheap one that gives me some tasty coffee which is a total must have with two kids and no time for naps!
And that's about it! This time around I am so much more relaxed about what we actually need and use. Breastfeeding makes this so much easier. What are your must haves?


  1. I definitely need to check and see if there are any prenatal swim classes around here. I've already been enjoying the pool to ease some of my early symptoms and had a hard time with sciatica with my last pregnancy. The pool is like a natural pain reliever, so pre-natal swim classes sound awesome.

  2. That's great you were able to donate your milk!! I you find yourself in excess again, hit me up. I hate that I have to give my boys formula :(.

    My must haves: The pumping bra type thing. LIFE SAVER! Lots of pajamas, and I know this is not tangible, but my friends and family... couldn't survive without them :)


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