Monday, August 19, 2013

rough weekend

Oy. We had a rough weekend. It started out okay...Friday night we hunkered in and spent time together as a family. Saturday B let me sleep in after Evie had been up almost every hour. After I woke up we decided to head to the music fest in town and it was way too crowded, way too hot, and way not fun. I love music. I love seeing live bands play for free and supporting our local music scene, which is pretty great. But after a few hours in 95* heat, it was time to go. We were beat. THEN B ended up with heat stroke later that night. We were all pretty miserable.

Sunday I woke up with the kids and I'm pretty sure I had some kind of food poisoning. My stomach is still aching. Evie also seemed to have an upset tummy and screamed for nearly an hour straight. I finally gave her a little tylenol and once that kicked in she crashed. She slept in my arms for almost 2 hours and any movement I made she's wake up in a fit again. It was heartbreaking. I hate when I can't soothe my baby. She wouldn't even nurse. Ugh

I was really hoping that we would have had a lot better time but it just wasn't one of those weekends. I barely took any photos!!

The good thing, however, is that I had two more sales come through the shop so I worked on those last night. BTW, BUY ONE GET ONE FREE right now til the end of August...I know you know someone with a baby girl! ;)

Tonight I start my class for CNA certification. Pretty stoked!


  1. Oh no! Hope your week is better than your weekend!

  2. So sorry you had a bad weekend! I Hope this one is shaping up better! :) I took my kids out to the zoo this week in 100 degree weather.... Didn't know it was going to be that hot! Its hard to enjoy the outdoors when its miserable. GL with your CNA class!


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