Thursday, August 29, 2013


On this edition of currently...

Logan is currently (and forever and always, I hope!) loving on his little sister. He loves her so much. He asks to hold her almost every day and when we are playing he says her full name: "Ev-(UH)-LYN!" so stinking cute!

I am currently loving my husband...this has been a rough month for us in the finance department. Being off of work for three months is HARD. I am glad to be back work and happy that we will see more coming in soon, but this little limbo we are in is hard on both of us. So I am just trying to love him more. He works so hard. I love you B!!

Logan is currently creating his argument for while a rolly-pollie needs to be inside the house inside of a plastic bowl. So far his winning argument has been "but mommy he will DIE in the rocks!" Yeah.

I am currently creating headbands for Evelyn's Armoire. I love it. And I don't really have a ton of extra time for it, but it's nice to do something relaxing. And gosh-darnit they are cute!!

Logan is currently watching Evie's every move. Did she poop? Is she awake or sleeping? Is she happy? Why is she eating? Curious little man.

I am currently watching Breaking Bad, Project Runway (RIGHT Ot & Ett?!), and Under the Dome.

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