Wednesday, October 31, 2012


UPDATE: I just saw an update from my aunt that they were able to access their house via boat and while there is lots of water damage, the most severe seems to be to the garage and they lost a car. SO much better than expected! I'm not sure if they were able to go inside so that update will have to wait.

I cannot find very many words to assert the feelings I have right now on this "wordless" Wednesday, and yet I must write something. Some of my closest family members have an incredible house in Lavallette, NJ. You may remember our visit to the beach with them in June. The small beach town is an island or peninsula, or whatever they call it, between the Atlantic Ocean and Barnaget Bay. My family has the most beautiful house, sitting right on the bay with their boats and crab traps securely attached to their doc. Next door is the house they own that my grandmother lived in for a few years. Her house is much smaller and the epitome of a beach house. We stayed in her house in June, playing bubble hockey, watching The Graduate, and staying up late drinking lots of alcohol--our Colorado blood could handle more than we imagined at sea level!

Over the last few days, Hurricane Sandy has crushed this town. Sand and water have covered and destroyed countless houses, roads, lights, bridges, boats, cars, and the boardwalk....It is nothing like it was just days ago. This is the first time in my life I have been so closely related to family in a weather crisis. Sure, we've had our share of snow storms and been "trapped" at home to play in the snow for days, but never without power, heat, water, fuel, etc. My family evacuated their home and are on the mainland now, without power, fuel, heat...we are trying to only keep up with them minimally as we do not want their cell phones to die before the power is restored.

I am so heartbroken. This town will never be the same again. I've been there nearly 10 times over the years and never have the seen weather like this, even when Irene came through last year. I'm praying for everyone and their safety. Possessions are just things, but I cannot imagine how devastating loosing everything so quickly like this could be.

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