Monday, October 15, 2012


My weekend was epic. Epic in that nothing went as planned, everything pretty much sucked and the only epic part that was good is how much time Logan got to spend with his grandparents.

Early last week, B and I decided it was time to get away. We were overdue for some quality alone time and what better way to spend alone time than in Black Hawk, the only place in CO where you can gamble your little heart (and money) away. It's in the mountains and not a long drive so we booked a hotel and looked forward to the getaway.

Friday night we packed up and left. Logan spent the weekend with his grandparents, which he LOVED, as did they. You will NEVER hear me say this again, but thank goodness for facebook! My mom was awesome in posting photos from their weekend:


Watching the sun rise.


Morning paper with Pop Pop.

Chess, of course! With Pop Pop.

We arrived and checked into our hotel, which was also a major casino and I think that is just how it works there. Most hotels are also casinos. Anyway, we were starving and headed down the hill to a bigger casino for what we were hoping to be a fancy-ish dinner. We ordered our food and waited awhile. It was almost 9pm by the time we ate. I had some pasta with chicken and B had an omelet. Yes, an omelet. Then we went and lost a lot of money. It was weird and disappointing, but we tried. We've both had luck in the past, but that was just not our night.

Then we went back to the hotel and withing 4 hours, I was in the bathroom all.night.long with food poisoning. Ever had that? Ever had that AND been pregnant?! No fun. In fact, I would not wish such a night on Mitt Romney. We barely slept. There was not a store in town so B had to drive into the canyon to get me some meds. The ride home was horrible. We had plans to play poker, watch a movie and have another nice dinner and NONE of that happened. In stead, I remained in the fetal position all weekend.

I'm at work today and it sucks. I'm tired and weak. Drinking tons of water to stay hydrated. And all I want to do is leave and go to bed. Sometimes, though, you have to tough it out and that is exactly what I'm doing now.

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