Thursday, October 11, 2012

Logan is currently.... 

Watching netflix. I swear this is a total life saver when I am feeling super yucky, which is most of the time right now. He love Curious George (like Kale!), Barney and Rugrats.

Reading .... ummmm I'm not sure. I've been a terrible parent lately and have fallen off the read-to-your-child-every-night wagon. I'm not proud of it and our home is a mad house right now so for now, he is read to at preschool.

Eating very little. The kid is like a bird. He pecks at things here and there. We are going through a lot of tummy upset with him and I'm not exactly sure what is causing it. We know he is lactose intolerant and that, in the past, cheese was fine. Now I don't think so anymore so we are cutting all dairy and whey out of his diet to see if anything changes. He does love breads, fruits, and cereal the most right now.

I am currently.....

Watching Call the Midwife on PBS. I had to cut last nights episode short as I was not feeling good and went straight to bed. I love this show!! It is wonderful and I love watching it with Heidi.

Reading only school-related things and some blogs. No books right now. I can barely sit up straight by the end of the day let alone concentrate on a book.

Eating very little as well. I mean, I am eating often, just very small, bland things and I really cannot even think about food right now.

Inspired by the nurses I work with. They are amazing. I hope that people realize that when they are in the hospital that their new best friend is their nurse and that the doc spends less than 10 minutes on his rounds. It appalls me to see a patient totally disrespect their nurse.

Thinking about my prenatal appointment I have in 20 minutes. Praying it goes well!!


  1. I have not watched Call the Midwife yet but I want to!! My goal tonight once Gray goes to bed is to catch up on shows that are Online. I need to just set the DVR but I keep forgetting! I have only missed two episodes, right?!

  2. Yes, only two and they are on the PBS website. :)

  3. Eeek! I need to get caught up on Call the Midwife!! Thanks for the reminder.


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