Thursday, October 18, 2012


I am going to start including a weekly or biweekly bump update with the currently posts as I feel they can work together. Find the bump update below.

Logan is currently....

Feeling like a two and a half year old. He's been extra stubborn, saying "no" to just about everything and doing the opposite of what he's asked. I've been told that three is worse than two and I think that might be true.

Drinking juice and milk, his faves.

Looking for something for him to get into that he's not supposed to be messing with. He wants to mess with anything mechanical, switches, buttons, etc.

Dreaming of going back to the farm. Logan loved the animals and the pumpkins, he's asked to go back almost every day this week.

Making his own decisions. Since I'm in a human growth class, it is very obvious that he is in a "just right" stage in which everything must be just right for him. For example, he refused to take his pjs off yesterday morning and so he went to day care in his pjs. Not the battle I'm willing to fight.

I am currently.....

Feeling yucky most days. I'm insanely tired, nauseous and overall not in the best mood.

Drinking tons of water! Gotta stay hydrated!

Looking for ummmm I'm not sure. I have sat her an thought about it and I have no idea what I'm looking for! haha

Dreaming of SLEEEEEEEP.

Making an effort with everything I do. Pregnancy is so much harder with a toddler, full house and busy job.


9 weeks

Total Weight Gain: 3.5 pounds. I lost a good pound last weekend with the food poisoning.

Continuing Symptoms: nausea, fatigue, hunger

Maternity Clothes: ummm I'm embarrassed to admit that I'm in my work mat pants now. I was just too uncomfy and my belly band is annoying.

Sleep: sleeping well!

What I’m Eating: just about anything. Not a fan of meat right now.

Cravings: Veggies, greasy foods

Movement: none

Labor Signs: n/a

Special Pregnancy Moments: I suppose a little bump qualifies. I love looking pregnant and everyone at work points it out to me. A boss even asks if I'm having twins and as far as I know, just one is in there.

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