Thursday, October 20, 2011

21 Questions with Sarah

  1. What is your #1 bucket list to-do item? At the moment, to witness a live childbirth.

  2. What is the worst injury/illness you've ever had? I rarely ever get injured only because I rarely ever put myself in a position to cause injury! That being said I get sick often and usually weird stuff. The worst was when I had both tonsilitis and mono just before Thanksgiving while in college. I had to take pain meds to enjoy my Thanksgiving meal. Not fun.

  3. Do you collect anything? I collect ticket stubs from concerts, including the wrist bands if an official ticket stub was not issued. I have framed most of them on our collage wall.

  4. What is your guilty pleasure TV show? Hands down Teen Mom. That show is off-the-charts ridiculous and for whatever reason my prying eyes cannot look away. We don't have cable so on a quite afternoon while B is working and Logan is sleeping is when I get a chance to catch up.

  5. What is the most special thing your spouse has ever done for you? Tough question! For our "dating" anniversary last February B planned a pretty awesome date which recreated our 1st date. He arranged for his mom to care for Logan and made me feel so special.

  6. Do you believe in ghosts? Yes. Just over a year ago while working at the retirement community I found one of our residents dead. She passed away in her sleep at the beautiful age of 88. Since her passing she has haunted the gym in the building where she spent much of her time. I have seen her walk past me through the refection in a window only to turn around and she's not there. My husband has also witnessed her harmless haunting first hand.

  7. What does your exercise routine look like? Currently, it looks like I chase around a toddler and walk several miles a day around the hospital. As soon as I know more about what's going on with my stomach issues, I hope to have a better routine of light cardio with some strengthening exercises.

  8. If you could witness an event past, present or future, what would it be? I would have LOVED to have been in the Abby for Will & Kate's wedding AND at their reception. I can only imagine how beautiful and fun it was.

  9. If you could change anything about your high school/college experience what would it be? For high school I would have been more involved. I would have joined yearbook and taken photography classes, since I love taking photos and in college I would have gone into nursing rather than business and English. I'd be a freaking midwife by now! lol

  10. What season do you enjoy most? I am a huge fan of summer. While it can get pretty darn hot here, I love the longer days and late afternoon rain showers.

  11. What celebrity do you most look like? I've been told both Sandra Bullock and Julia Roberts. How flattering!

  12. What band/singer are you enjoying most right now? A few, because I am a music junkie and I can't just share one! Bon Iver has been on my spotify replay for a few weeks now. I love Skinny Love so much! Such a beautiful song! I also just discovered Grouplove and their song Colours.

  13. Do you implement any of the things your parents taught you into your parenting style? My mom is a preschool teacher and over the years in my own experience caring for children, the number one thing I've learned is to get down to your child's level. Never scold them standing up as that will not get the message through. Secondly, never fight with your spouse in front of your children. If B and I begin to get heated about something and Logan is in the room, we drop it immediately and wait until he's asleep to address the issue. Lastly, SHOW your child how much you love your spouse. I'm not talking about full on PDA, but hugs and kisses all around. My parents are not overly affectionate but I always witnessed my dad giving my mom a hug from behind while she cooked. Such a loving gesture.

  14. What is/are your family traditions? I'll admit that our little family of three does not yet have a specific tradition for any holiday yet, however, I hope to change that this year. Growing up we always cut our Christmas tree down. We will be doing that this year with Logan and I hope to do it every year with all our children. I also started making pancakes for birthday breakfasts. I love making breakfast more than any other meal and birthdays are so special!

  15. What is the best parenting advice you've ever received? I have two to share. One is to sleep when baby sleeps! I remember when Logan was just a newb and at first, I tried to get things done while he was sleeping but quickly gave into the advice to sleep while he slept and get things done later. Who cares about the dishes?! You being rested is way more important. Next, believe that you're a good mom and doing the right thing. Mamas are judged way too much and the last thing you want is to be worrying about what someone else is going to think about your decision.

  16. What was the best gift ever given to you/that you gave? The best gift I ever received (not including Logan) was my wedding. My parents paid for most of our wedding and it was by far the best day of my life. I'm not lying when I say that people are still talking about it. We just went to a wedding last week and the groom said something along the lines of, "Well, it's not your wedding, but I'm having fun". AHHH! What do you say to that?! Our wedding, without going too over the top, was exactly what I could have dreamed it would be. The best gifts I ever gave were hand-crocheted blankets to my parents. My mom's was finished several years ago and I presented to her on her birthday. Since then, my dad really wanted one of his own and just over a year ago I finally finished one for him. The letter he wrote me in thanks is framed on our collage wall.

  17. Have you and your spouse written a will? Not yet. But I really think this is important for us to do. Thinking about something happening to either of us is painful but we both feel that it is something we need to get done.

  18. If you could change one thing about your wedding day what would it be? CAKE! We never got a piece of our cake!! The entire thing was gone in a heartbeat, including the topper.

  19. What have you done that you said you'd never do as a parent? Oy...I'm totaly eating my words here. I said I'd never put Logan to bed with a bottle and without my knowing, B started to and once I found out, I let it go. He is off the bottle now so he doesn't have anything to drink with him now, but for a few months there, he did. I'm sure there's more....

  20. How long have you been married? Just over 3 years!

  21. Do you want more children? Heck yes! At least 2-3 more. Stay tuned...


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