Monday, December 28, 2009


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Happy Monday!
I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! We did so much and so little at the same time. The goal was to visit with family and relax all at the same time so on Christmas Eve when we headed over to my mom's I literally planned to stay in my PJs all day. I did take my jeans just in case, and after a long nap on Christmas Day, I took a shower and put them on. It was perfect. Once my camera battery is charged up again (hence no weekly pic) I will post a pic of me in my new momma robe. It is delish!

After seeing New Moon in the theater I pretty much swore that would be the last movie I was going to see in the theater before Mister comes. Well, B talked me into seeing Sherlock Holmes on Saturday night. He rarely does activities that he wants to do, by choice, but I really wanted him to have a fun night so I turned cash into change to play video games in the arcade before the movie and then I survived two and a half hours in a hot, sold out theater. THAT, my friends, IS THE LAST MOVIE I AM SEEING IN THE THEATER BEFORE MISTER COMES! Lucky for B, I only complained once. :) BTW, the movie was really good.

As far as preparations go for our son, we have everything we need. It is such a wonderful feeling. I never thought I would be saying this 5 weeks away from our due date. But with all the little scares of him trying to make an appearance, we did what we could to make sure we had everything. I did not want to be sending B to BRU to buy a car seat while I'm in labor. I need him right there next to me! I am getting SO excited! I am not even that scared of labor. I know it's going to hurt and might take several hours but that seems so minor compared to the reward. I am sure in the moment I might have different feelings, but for now staying positive and not worrying is keeping me very motivated to have the kind of birth we are hoping for.

How far along? 35 weeks, 35 DAYS away from our due date!!

Total weight gain/loss: no longer sharing this fun factoid.

Maternity clothes?: I only have about 3 things that still fit so I am quickly becoming the mom that is always in sweats when I am not working. Oy.

Sleep: Less fun. In fact, it is not fun at all. I barely fell asleep last night. I dozed on and off. Get up to pee. Sore. Ugg...woke up with a headache.

Best moment this week: Finding out that the BH I was having were NOT causing dilation--yet.

Movement: All over the place. He tries daily to escape through my belly button.

Food cravings: none. I just want to eat all the time.

Gender: wolverine

Labor Signs: BH last week.

Belly Button in or out? Top is out and when Mister tries to escape, it pops out more.

What I miss: I'm only allowed to list one thing so: alcohol.

What I am looking forward to: Finding out if I am Group B Strep positive tomorrow. I REALLY don't want to be. That would kind of screw up our birth plan.

Weekly Wisdom: Trust your gut.
Milestones: 5 more weeks!


  1. >I'm soo excited for you to have that baby! And of course, I want to be a reader of your lovely blog (especially after Mister comes!) so thank you for automatically adding me! :-)Merry Christmas!

  2. >I would love to be invited to keep following your blog! Sorry I forgot to send this last week with all the holiday stuff going on! :)

  3. >Well... as far as having a baby goes. I think we all know it's going to hurt. In the moment it is horrible but as soon as it is over, I mean the very next thought that pops into my head, I definately am more then happy to go through it multiple times! And group B step doesn't mess up too much of a natural birthing plan, or at least it didn't for me. I was just hooked to an IV for 2 bags of juice and it was over and done with. I hope everything is able to happen just as you have planned :)! And just incase it happens before I get to say this again, Good luck!! Enjoy the moment, it will take your breath away !


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