Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tea Time!

Good morning friends! This is the time of my day/morning when I sip on some tea or coffee. Since I have been crazy-sick for the last week I have opted for some lemony tea. And this is our tea time! So sit down and let's have a chat. Here's what I'd tell you...

  • The last week has been the hardest week of my pregnancy thus far since I have had a nasty head cold. I would not wish a cold on anyone while pregnant. It is a million times harder to kick and alas, you cannot take anything other than some Tylenol to take the edge off of those sinus head aches.
  • I went to the chiro last night and the adjustment was amazing. Be gone, head colds and migraines!
  • I mean, I would not wish a head cold on anyone. Duh I'm not that rude.
  • My bio professor is a saint. She is extending the deadline for a lab I could not even lift a finger for over the weekend. Huge blessing!
  • When Logan wants something, usually something to eat, he says, "I want a soma-soma that mama." The double talk is killing me. So cute.
  • It's March now and my tolerance for cold, snowy weather is low. Let's get this cold crap over with. I'm ready for spring. Going from 61* today to a foot of snow expected on Saturday is, well, Colorado for ya, but I'm done.
  • Why, friends, is lemon-zinger tea RED when lemons are clearly YELLOW?!
  • Some interesting job changes may be coming my way. Some within my power, some without. I'm at the point now, thanks to pregnancy, that I am just ready for whatever changes happen. I'm usually good with most change and adapting. I might even say I kind of like it.
  • Change, like adding another baby to the mix, is the kind of awesome change I am ready for.
  • Blogger friends, why is my reader EMPTY?! What happened to all your blogs I follow?! I swear I have like, 400 on there...
  • The ultrasound of our little s/he on Monday was chaotic with Logan present, but the babes looks awesome. Only 9 days behind in measurement and a perfect 2.6 pounds. POUNDS!! This baby actually packs some weight now! (digs through purse to show you this perfect profile)
  • Logan has been very clingy with me lately. He is so in love with the baby and keeps asking me how I feel. I think he's ready...
  • I honestly love when people tell me that I am "all baby" because this mama does not feel all baby. Thank you.
  • I am 29 weeks this week and with Logan, this was a pretty scary week for us. You can read about it HERE. I have to link back to wordpress because the conversion of my posts failed. Poo.
  • I cannot wait for TMobil to get the iPhone! My phone is an utter failure. I hate it and cannot wait to update and keep loving on Mac products. Should be the end of this month...
  • Now, how are you doing?

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  1. Congrats on your upcoming little one! Here's hoping that cold goes away SOON!


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