Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I'm going there...

I am very careful about getting political and actually stating my true stances on certain subjects. I like to refrain from sharing those things on public forums and the blog just because I am not a fighter. I don't want to argue. If I disagree with something, I tend to keep it to myself (on FB) because I seriously hate the drama that some posts ignite. And yes, I do think that some people really want to piss people off and see where it goes. We are humans. I happen to hate conflict while others enjoy it (WHO ARE YOU?!). ;) I kid. Anyway, this whole gay marriage thing, however, has me reeling. I really need to write out my feelings. This is not to offend anyone or anything. I believe that everyone has the right to be respected. Period. No matter what your opinion happens to be (however, if it goes against safety, then I'm not so respectful).

The part of this entire debate that really has me coming here to write is where devout Christians are stating that those of us who are Christians and believe in human equality and support the gay marriage debate are somehow not Christian, or less of one. That is THE most judgmental thing a Christian could say. I'm not judging those that think that; I am simply saying that makes me sad. I am a Christian. I believe in prayer, love, guidance, and equality. I am just as passionate about women's rights. Women fought very hard for the rights that we have today and I am very grateful, however women are still fighting for equality. All this to say that I don't see a difference. I saw a quote on FB from someone that has since been removed this morning. Really? We're stooping that low? I just find so much disrespect in that. The original poster is free to say what he/she believes (whether I agree or not) so why can't one of their friends say what he/she believes too? Even if it goes against what the original poster said? It's hypocritical.

This is about as far as I am going to get into this. Just to make a few things clear:

  • I am a Christian.
  • I do not believe every single last word of the Bible (anti-birth control, pro physical discipline are among the things I disagree with) THIS DOES NOT MAKE ME LESS OF A CHRISTIAN!
  • I believe in love.
  • I believe that everyone deserves to be happy.
  • I believe that everyone deserves to love whomever they wish to love.
  • I believe in raising my children to be respectful.
  • I believe in raising my children to love EVERYONE for who they are.
  • I believe in forgiveness. 
  • I believe that I am a sinner.
  • I believe that you are a sinner.
  • I believe in human equality.
Lastly, everyone is welcome to comment how you wish, I just ask that you are RESPECTFUL. I will not publish harsh, rude, disrespectful or otherwise comments. Thank you!


  1. Very true hun! I'm not sure how I feel on some things and though I know it says in the bible no same sex marriage. We shouldn't judge those that are gay. God is the last and only one who can judge us. I have 2 gay cousins and I don't love them any less than I did before I knew that. I treat them the same way and I use to have a gay friend years ago

  2. Found your blog through the "Currently" link up and I am so so so beyond thankful you posted this. And I couldn't agree more. I don't like having people acting as if I am less of a Christian for being Christ-like on this issue!


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