Thursday, March 28, 2013

Currently...32 weeks!


Logan is...

Feeling...a little sad and under the weather. His beta fish died a few days ago. He said he was sad, but was also just as excited for his new beta fish, Charlotte. He also has a new cough. No other symptoms, but he doesn't like it and keeps telling us he's sick. the food I eat goes "down, down down" to the baby. He's so cute.

Considering...everything. He takes a moment to make choices now and sometimes, they are not the choice we want him to make (like not wanting to get dressed in the morning).

Listening to...Butte and Tulo. He has doggie ESP. He loves playing with them and has convinced them that sleeping in his room is the best place in the house to sleep.

Moving...his body! This kid...every night just about an hour before bedtime he revs up and runs around the house. He plays hockey with daddy, shoots baskets, runs in circles around the dogs, jumps around...he's all over the place!

I am...

Feeling...very pregnant. Achy, tired, name it. I'm also feeling happy and excited that we only have 8ish weeks left until this little babe arrives!

Imagining...what life with two kids will be like! Everyone with two or more children try to chime in their opinions and thoughts. Everyone has something different to say, however, most agree that there is nothing else like it!

Considering...plans for the weekend. Easter is just a few days away and we are not sure what we will be doing yet!

Listening to...the Oh Hello's! This song is so beautiful! I heard that they don't want to sign on a record label so that means that when you purchase their songs, the money goes straight to them and not to some big name label which I think is awesome!!

Moving...on a ball. I bounce all day at work. It seriously helps the hip and pelvic pains. Doesn't make it go away, but much more comfy than sitting on a chair.

32 weeks pregnant!!

How big is baby: Hoepfully 3.5ish pounds! I feel like baby has had a huge growth spurt over the last week or so.

Weight gain/loss: 30 pounds.

Stretch marks: Just a few from last time on my upper legs/hips.

Sleep: Horrible. It takes me forever to fall asleep and then with this pelvic pain even just turning over in bed makes me cringe....and some nights I do actually sleep well and it makes a world of difference!

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: Chinese food, pasta.

Labor signs: contractions (2-3 an hour), 1cm dilated.

Movement: Tons. Love it.

What I'm loving: Going to physical therapy! I have only had one session so far, and I think it's going to work!

Symptoms: Heartburn, contractions, achy back, hips and legs, pelvic pain.

What I'm looking forward to: Easter and some prenatal swim classes that start in a few weeks.

Best moment of the week: The hip and low back massage my PT gave me yesterday.


  1. It sounds like you're managing your pain a bit better these days, which I'm happy to read. Only a few more weeks left! I'm sure it feels like a lifetime aways and way too soon all at the same time.

  2. There is nothing like having two, you are in for a ride! The instant bond they have and the love they have for each other, it's just amazing. You will be super tired, I won't lie, but the joyous moments make it worth it. It's such magic.


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