Monday, March 11, 2013

A Bon Iver kind of Day

I saw a funny ecard that said something about how/why the day light saving changes are not on Friday nights instead of Saturday night? Then we have a day of rest to literally, rest! Seriously, who decided that was a good idea? Clearly a man and a man without kids. Just sayin'.

So Bon Iver it is for this very sleepy mama.

This weekend was amazing. I have seriously not had a better weekend in a long time. We kicked it off with a lovely date night to Denver! It was rather spontaneous and planned only two days earlier. We needed a date night so badly! After being sick, Logan's birthday, and decompressing from the holidays, B and I have barely had any time to ourselves. So we headed to my aunt's painting studio. Most of you know that my husband is a little more than talented when it comes to art (FB page: McFadden Art):

So I knew we would have a blast painting and sipping on drinks (wine for him, sparkling water for me). And here are our masterpieces:

I followed the directions...

And B did not, but check out that creativity! And it's still trees...

We then had an awesome, late dinner at one of my favorite Italian restaurants. Perfect night! Logan stayed with my parents so B and I got to sleep in a bit--anything past 8am is good in my book! Woke up to lots of snow that was not sticking since it had been so warm the last few days. Drove over to have some breakfast and spend a few hours with my parents. 

And then, then Sarah-with-mama-powers came out. Logan didn't nap so we just hung out, he played outside and I attempted to take a nap, but sleep has been terrible lately. So I woke up and started laundry. Then I finished 4 loads by the end of the night. The best part? I actually folded everything and put it away! B helped out with a load and oh does that ever feel good! Then I started a bio lab at 7pm, finished at 945, baked some banana bread and enjoyed it nice and fresh by 1030pm. I could not believe the energy I had that night! I just kept going...

(loving on his baby brother/sister)

The Sunday, Logan and I hung out in the morning, went to a children's consignment store where I found 2 pairs of jeans for him and some cute, neutral newborn outfits, all for less than $30! We came home, watched a movie and finally went grocery shopping. After unloading everything, I was beat! My body was, and still is, screaming at me. I just have not felt that busy and accomplished at home in a long time. I think I have our date night to thank for that. Something about just being extra close to B made me feel more maternal and homey. 

The time change is not usually too bad on me, but today is dragging...I feel exhausted and achy. We had to wake Logan and while he was super tired, at least he didn't fight it too bad. I happily packed his clothes for the day and took him to daycare in his sweats so he could warm up to the idea of being up an hour earlier. I bet he will have an awesome nap today!

And just because I didn't post this last week, here I am at 29 weeks:
Happy Monday!


  1. Love Bon Iver! So beautiful! Just like your trees!

    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

  2. Ive nominated your blog for the Liebster Award! Check out my blog for offical post and rules!


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