Monday, December 20, 2010

2010 Year in Review

Wow. I cannot believe it is that time of year again. This is the third year I have posted my year in review and there are a few more picture per month this year because I could not just chose one. It goes without saying that our lives have completely changed, for the better, in the last year and BOY what a year that has been.

The last part of this year has been tough, for many reasons, but it is clear that 2011 is going to be something brand new, something to look forward to, and with out a doubt full of AWESOME changes, some of which will stay under wraps until then. So, join me in remembering one of the best, most rewarding, and most challenging year I have ever experienced. Being here to write and share this with you is such a privilege and I love you all!

January 2010
I started off my year 9 months pregnant, still working 4 days a week, and anxiously preparing our little family for a new addition. It is so fun to remember and think back to this time last year and all the anticipation that waiting for a baby causes. On the day before my due date, B used his mad skillz and created out little space baby. It was one of the very last fun things we did as just us and I'll never forget that Sunday afternoon.

February 2010
Exactly one week after his due date and the day after the Super Bowl, Logan Jack joined us, screaming so hard he popped a hole in his lung and spent 5 days in the NICU. I will never forget the day Logan stole our hearts. 

This was nearly 15 hours after Logan was born and the first time I was able to hold him. 

March 2010
Logan and I took a trip to Steamboat Springs to visit his great aunt and uncle, as well as his Great-grandma Boots. She would have loved little Logan!

April 2011
On April 25th, Logan was welcomed into our church on the day he was baptized. The ceremony was perfect and we had our family with us.

May 2010
My 1st Mother's Day.

June 2010
We took Logan to his first Rockies game. It was a perfect day, having rained earlier and then clearing up for the Rockies to win big! 

July 2010
Logan's first 4th of July celebration. It poured that night, so we did not see any fireworks...maybe next year! 

A few of our July summer days were spent with miss H, Logan's girlfriend.

August 2010
B and I celebrated 2 years of marriage and I turned 26! We had a great time driving over the mountains, having left Logan for the first time with Gamma and Pop.

We took Logan to his first concert and it was great! He loves music, especially the Gorillaz.

September 2010
I continued working full time and one morning Logan wanted to take pics with me all glammed up. I love this little ham!

October 2010
 Our first ever family vacation was to Michigan and Logan is a great traveler. He could not have asked for better Michigan weather in October and better people to have spent that time with! It was a fantastic trip!

November 2010
November was a pretty mellow month for our family. We played a lot and I continued to stress out about working and being a mom. So tough.

December 2010
This month, like November, has just been crazy. To begin, I cannot believe it is almost Christmas! We are so excited to celebrate this special holiday with our little man. He is mostly into the ribbons, bows, and bells that come with all the presents he keeps seeing around. He loves all the lights on the Christmas trees and wants to eat the ornaments on the tree. Typical little boy. Just today I watched him destroy the room, pulling everything off the shelves and out of the drawers. He was so happy and I was entertained by his independence. I want nothing more than for this little person to celebrate 98 more Christmases. 

I'm lacking on posts this week, so I wish each of you a very Merry Christmas. 

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