Wednesday, December 8, 2010

10 Months Old: Letter to Logan

>Dear Logan,

The last ten months with you in our lives has been nothing short of beautiful. Your daily smiles and babble fill our hearts with so much joy we had no idea there would ever be enough room for it, but our hearts have grown and with you in our lives, they continue to burst. As each day passes and as you learn new skills, we become even more engrossed in you as you turn into a little person. I would hardly consider you a baby anymore, however, you will always be my sweet cheeked, milky breathed baby.

Communicating with you has become one of the most fun things we share each day. You are using your mouth to make all kinds of vowel and constant sounds. You especially enjoy the sound "o" makes and when you do your lips purse and the expression on your face is priceless. You're speaking to us in all seriousness and we cannot help but giggle at your efforts to do so. You are clearly understanding a number of things, including your name, "no", "eat", "outside", and "nap". You can wave, clinching your fingers in a claw formation to say "hello" or "bye-bye". Not to mention the set of lungs to have to clearly express your distaste, sadness, pain, and frustration with us. You are not a fan of your changing table, being redirected from things you want, or waiting for your food. Ha, sounds like your momma. ;)

Your motor skills improve everyday. You are a champion crawler. There are times I find myself racing you to the kitchen gate to get it shut before you clobber your way to the dog dishes. You can sit and stand with ease with the help of the couch, chair, or coffee table. You can walk with your car walker or with the help of our fingers. You are also moving around furniture and even balancing with one had at times. These skills baffle us and we cannot wipe the grin of our faces when you look at us for approval and we clap with positive reinforcement.

Your fine motor skills are developing nicely. Your pincer grasp (fore-finger and thumb) is almost perfect. You eat cherrios with ease. You can turn pages in a book, press buttons on some of your toys, and get your paci in your mouth just right no matter what position you happen to start out in.

Ahh, your paci. If I was not around, I am sure that your love addiction with your paci would suffice. You are so attached to it that I am sure it is a sin now if we happen to walk out the door without it. You also sleep with your lovie (a monkey/blankie) and a blanket. You love being all snuggled in and now that the weather is much colder, you are soaking up all the comforts we provide you.

You have a very new fasination with doors. You like to swing them shut and only on two occasions has this ended badly. You caught your fingers once and another time, you nearly trapped yourself in your room behind the door and I could not get in because you were blocking the door! Silly man. Although, you were not happy about that one bit!

We have transitioned you into a convertable carseat. You are so much more comfortable in it! We are taking your longest road trip (In Colorado) this weekend to visit our friends. I cannot wait for them to meet you!

Your eyes are still blue. This is also very surprising as neigher momma or daddy have blue eyes. Lately, we have noticed a hint of green and I truly hope they don't get greener! You get the most compliments on your big blue eyes and bright blonde hair.

You are exclusivly in 12 month clothes now. I am not certain of your height, but I am sure you are pushing 31", nearly 11" taller than the day you were born! And weight wise you are just under 20 pounds. Still my little peanut!

Meal time is always enjoyable. You seem to like whatever is put on your plate and usually have no problem finishing and even having seconds. Just the other night you ate 3/4 of a gormet mac & cheese dish from Rustic Oven. We were so proud!

Amazment does not come close to the word I would chose to describe how the last 10 months has been with you in our lives and watching you grow and change into your own person has been the number one greatest gift God has ever blessed us with. We are so in love with you and cannot wait to see what you'll accomplish in the next month!

Loads of Love,

Momma & Daddy

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